Welcome to Midwest Press and Automation

We are quickly becoming the industry leader in press repair services and in overall customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in giving our customers several options when looking for service, for example; rush breakdown assistance and support, quick diagnosis and action plan, reverse engineering, new parts, repaired parts, spare parts, new and used equipment. From routine equipment inspections and maintenance, to emergency breakdown assistance, including; complete repair or replacement, be assured-MPA can support your every need.

Many of our customers have told us, in the last decade or so, facility and equipment maintenance departments have been down-sized and the expertise, that used to be an integral part of that maintenance department, is either dwindling or non-existent. Most equipment is being pushed beyond its normal design capacities and basic maintenance schedules. Without the proper maintenance the equipment usually will (and does) breakdown.

At MPA we strive to bridge the new-age gap of “lack of maintenance and equipment expertise” by offering you (our customer) several options, whatever your needs may be.

MPA’s Engineering abilities are very strong in all aspects of Press design, manufacture, repair, service and trouble shooting. Our engineering department represents the core values that are exclusive to this, very specialized industry. MPA engineers take pride in our ability to support any and all of our customers that require our expertise.

MPA Engineering supports our highly skilled work force letting us offer our customers the following options:

  • New component-design and manufacture complete
  • *Component repair or replace
  • Project and Applications Management
  • Stroke Changes
  • Speed Changes
  • Shut Height Modifications (Taller or Shorter)
  • Clutch and/or Brake conversions
  • Overload protection
  • Overload Conversion
  • Slide Locks (Safety latch) Systems
  • Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts
  • Quick Die Change
    • Rolling Bolsters
    • Die Carts
    • Hardened track – design, manufacture, and installation
    • Upper and lower die clamping systems
    • Bolster-to-bed Clamp System
  • Die Cushions
  • Knock-Out Systems
  • Scrap Chutes
  • Automatic Scrap Chute Doors
  • Automatic Bed opening “safety” scrap chute doors
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Safety Gates/fences
  • Vibration Isolation Pads
  • Press related Systems (lubrication, pneumatic. Hydraulic) – design, build, install.
  • Controls Engineering (Design, build, install)
  • General Press upgrades, refurbishments, safety updates, etc.