About Us

Midwest Press and Automation, LLC.

is a solutions based company, established in January of 2010 by Ron Michon and Tom Clark.  Although it started as a sales organization, it rapidly evolved into the full sales and service company it is today.

By October of 2012, MPA had outgrown the home offices and was ready for the next step. MPA was in need of a more suitable working environment which brought them to a 1,000 square ft. office in Grand Ledge, MI, along with two small manufacturing spaces on the north side of Lansing for service needs with a 5 ton and 25 ton crane.

It did not take long for MPA to have another growth spurt and require, yet again, a larger working environment. By October of 2013, the three spaces MPA was occupying were no longer adequate and MPA moved to its current location at 2904 Snow Road Lansing, MI. By renting 15k square ft. of a 54k square ft. building, this allowed MPA’s Sales and Service Department to be combined under one roof, making them a solid and efficient team. This also allowed Assembly to take off, complimenting new and used equipment sales.

Business was booming for MPA and the buzz about this growing company spread like wild fire in the world of Industry. Applications began to come in on a steady pace and by June of 2014, MPA had doubled its leasing space and found itself purchasing the building in August of 2014. This acquisition spurred new growth and new avenues to better serve its customers to keep more work in-house.

When one of our key suppliers of machined components started to scale back work in November of 2014, they instrumentally contributed to our success by helping us acquire equipment and establishing MPA Machining to our growing family. In the Spring of 2015, another key addition to our company joined us and helped us in starting a welding shop. In hindsight, MPA didn’t know what an impact this was going to make, as it complimented our organization.

By January of 2016, MPA expanded again by hiring an Engineering Manager, which opened up many new windows to design and redesign. With over 35 highly qualified employees, MPA has become one of the most diversified companies to serve customers today. MPA strives to keep up to date with the ever improving technologies of the industrial world to keep our customers running in optimal shape. We believe integrity above all things will keep MPA strong for generations to come.